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“This was my second visit to this dentist (Dr Moan), the first, which was last year was the first time I had been to the dentist in about 7 years. I was there to get a general check up and cleaning. They were very nice during scheduling, which was done via the internet and then followed up with a phone call from them to confrim the appt and then later to remind of the appt. Very professional and courteous.

Both appointments went great.  They didn’t criticize me or chastise me for not going to the dentist for years.  They went above and beyond in answering all my questions and making sure I was comfortable.  They did a great job cleaning my teeth and I was very happy with the service provided, so much so that I recommend my wife go to them and we are now both patients of theirs for as long as they will have us.”

Josh M.

“I’ve been going to him for years, he’s great and he’s got a wonderful bedside manner.”

Valerie G.

“I go to Expressions Dental Group for my dental checkups and cleaning. They do a very good job, their teeth cleanings are not over technological. It seems all the other dentists I’ve been to they stick microscopes in my mouth and then the bill is ridiculous after. I go every 6 months so I was there a month ago.”

Joe C.

“I visit, Dr. Pieper for general dentistry. My husband and I last visited him in November 2010.  Our last visit to him went off fine. It was great. Dr. Pieper and his staff are very responsive and they do a real good job. All of the staff is very professional and very friendly. If you have to see him right away they will find a spot for you right away. I would use him in the future.”

Diane F.