Financing Options

Get what you want when you want it!

Choosing a dentist is hard enough, but paying for treatment shouldn’t have to be. We know that health care today can be expensive. That’s why we have several financing options available to help you achieve the smile you’ve dreamed of.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of dental services with fees and financing options that ensure affordability.  To ensure this, we offer you the following options to meet your specific needs.


Citi® Health Card Dental Financing

Apply now for the Citi® Health Card, its fast, easy and simple allowing for “Treatments Today Payments Tomorrow”. The Citi Health Care Card has no annual fee and there’s no application fee when you apply. You can arrange low monthly payments and unlike some dental loans, there’s no pre-payment penalty. Your card can also be used for other family members, too or it can be used to pay off what your dental insurance doesn’t pay. Approved patients can even view, manage and pay their Citibank accounts online.

The Citi Health Care Card is offered by Citibank which is a well know financial institution backed by millions and millions of dollars. Making it easy for patients to pay for their dental care helps our dentists and staff achieve our dream of helping people. It is our goal to assist our patients in keeping their teeth for their whole lives, smiling when they want to and never having to worry about losing their teeth.

Use your Citi Health Card at participating providers to get flexible payment plans for the health care treatments your family needs. Participating providers may offer a variety of payment plans* for many procedures that aren’t fully covered by insurance. Even your vet may accept the Citi Health Card.

Flexible payment plans

   •Flexible Payment Plans on qualified purchases and revolving credit option at participating providers

•Low monthly payments and no pre-payment penalties

•No down payment required

•Separate account for health care expenses keeps other credit available for personal use

Care Credit Financing

Care Credit gives you the freedom to get your procedure whenever you’re ready. It’s easy to apply. With three simple steps, including an instant approval process, you can say goodbye to the waiting time and reward yourself sooner. Care Credit offers No Interest and low monthly payment options, no up-front costs, no prepayment penalties and no annual fees. Many patients put off treatments and procedures because they cannot afford to pay or your insurance won’t cover. Doctors offer Care Credit payment plans as a convenient option to normal credit cards, cash or checks. Care Credit allows the patient to pay overtime often without incurring interest charges instead of a lump sum prior to treatment. Removing the cost barrier often allows the doctors to focus on optimal treatment for the patient.


    Applying for Care Credit is quick and easy. Simply choose the option you prefer.

     • In person ask our practice to process an application


     • By phone call 1-800-365-8295 and follow the prompts


     Here is how it works

  • Pay for treatment over 6 or 12 months with No Interest.

     • As long as you pay the low minimum monthly payment each month when due, and the balance in full   by the end of the 3 or 6 months, no interest will be charged on your purchase.