The Measure Of Perfection

Citi Health Card

Treatments Today. Payments Tomorrow.

Use your Citi Health Card at participating providers to get flexible payment plans for the health care treatments your family needs. The Citi Health Card lets you finance your family’s healthcare services over time. Participating providers may offer a variety of payment plans for many procedures that aren't fully covered by your insurance. In addition, if you qualify, the Citi Health Card accesses an account that can be used anywhere else MasterCard credit cards are accepted.

Some things in life can be put off. Fortunately, quality health care doesn't have to be one of them.

Applying for Citi Health Card is quick and easy.
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Benefits to you:
  • Provider or patient can apply by phone or online
  • Fast decisions, so treatment can begin immediately
  • No application fee or annual fee
  • No interest for up to 12 months on qualifying purchases and no down payment required
  • Low monthly payments and no pre-payment penalties
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